PSU pounds Purdue


Penn State bounces back with a big victory over Purdue in clear O’Brien fashion — 506 yards on offense. The defense continued to play solid as well. Let’s take a look at some highlights.

Crazy Fitz

If you didn’t see it – worth checking it out. In warm-ups, strength and conditioning coach Craig Fitzgerald rips off his shirt, does some sort of odd up/downs ….apparently the worm, and clearly gets the players jacked. Keep in mind, the temperature is in the 30s. Best part? Fitz continues to wear shorts and t-shirt for the remainder of the game. I love it.

Fitz getting players pumped before the game

McGloin impresses
Built up the stats this weekend, although he should thank the offensive line for giving him better pass protection this time around (or perhaps thank Purdue’s defensive line). With 321 yards passing (2 TDs), McGloin broke Kerry Collins’ career record with the fifth 300-yard passing game of his career. With 3 games remaining, don’t surprised if McGloin closes in on a few other school records. Also, it was great to see back-up QB Steven Bench come in for some snaps towards the end of the game. Nothing exciting, but good to see the young true freshman getting some minutes – much needed for the future of this team.

Zordich hits a hole

Running game returns
Sure enough, control the trenches, establish the run game, control the field. Last week PSU had 32 rushing yards – this week 185 yards on the ground — using their big backs Zwinak and Zordich. Zwinak ran for 134 yards and Zordich added two rushing TDs..

Ficken fantastic
4/4 on PATs and 2/2 on FGs. Nothing impressive, but for Ficken and this special teams? We’ll take it. A solid homecoming performance for the Indiana native.

Jordan Hill injury
PSU’s DT Jordan Hill (one of the best in the conference) was in some clear pain after an awkward fall in the 2nd quarter. Reports say that his knee was sprained and no ligaments were torn. BIG relief, although he’ll likely be out for the next game at Nebraska.

Big Ten Road Warriors
PSU @ Illinois – 35-7
PSU @ Iowa – 38-14
PSU @ Purdue — 34-9

Belton quiets Iowa crowd

It seems that this team does better on the road, taking the crowd out of the game early. Well, in the case of Illinois and Purdue, not much of a crowd presence though. Still, this team gets down to business on the road — removed from the comfort and commotion of Happy Valley, not getting caught up in the emotion, and focusing much better as a team on a common goal and game plan. Then again, Illinois, Iowa, and Purdue are not the best teams in the conferences. We’ll really find out at Nebraska on Saturday — the last away game of the season and certainly the toughest. Make sure to come back for the game preview later in the week.

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