Typical PSU loss, typical Nebraska win

Penn State losses another game (32-23) in the 2nd half despite a 20-6 lead heading into the half. Nebraska is comfortable playing from behind, in fact, that seems to be the standard.  As for PSU, well, all four of their losses have come in the 2nd half.  In fact, every game they have lost, they have either been ahead or tied at half, yet failed to finish the game in the 2nd half.  Here are some quick highlights:

Quick hitters:

Zwinak stiff arm

PSU running game
Bill Belton, preseason starter, has yet to really stand out this season.  Zack Zwinak had another  big game, despite a key fumble loss near the goal line.  Zwinak had 141 yards rushing (178 total) and 1 TD.

Ficken fantastic
Ficken is finally coming around.  3/3 on FG attempts.

2nd half failure
PSU had 255 yds and 20 points in the 1st half, but held to a 136 yds and a field goal in the 2nd half.  Outscored 26-3 by the Huskers.  Overall this season?  PSU has been outscore in the 3rd quarter 56-6. Outscored in 2nd half 99-28.  Not good.

Blown call
Down 23-27, about to go 30-27 in the 4th quarter, TE Matt Lehman was called for a fumble on the goal line that resulted in a touchback.  After replay, officials let the play stand as called.  As you can see if for yourself, the ball crossed the goal line.  Unfortunately, the refs missed this one.   PSU still had a chance to drive the field, but failed to convert after an ‘intentional grounding’ call in the endzone, resulting in a safety.  McGloin was not happy.

Three big turnovers really hurt the Nittany Lions.  Zwinak fumble near the goal line, McGloin interception turned into a TD for the Huskers, and then the questionable Lehman fumble at the goal line.  14 points off the board for PSU, + 7 for the Huskers.

Moving Forward
PSU’s 1st Quarter dominance this season (outscoring opponents 83-6) doesn’t mean a whole lot when you’re getting owned in the 2nd half.  PSU has been failing to finish games.…let’s hope they can finish the season with two wins at home.

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